Shrimp and Sweet Peppers
Servings Prep Time
2people 10minutes
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
2people 10minutes
Cook Time
  1. Peel and roughly chop the garlic.
  2. Cut off and discard the stem and core of the peppers. Halves them lengthwise and thinly slice crosswise.
  3. Cut off and discard the root ends of the scallions. Thinly slice crosswise keeping the white bottoms and the green tops separate.
  1. Heat a pot of salted water to boiling.
  2. Add pasta and cook 14-16 minutes or until tender.
  3. Drain thoroughly and return to pot.
  4. Stir in half the vinegar and a drizzle of olive oil.
  1. Pat the shrimp dry with paper towels. Remove tails.
  2. In medium non-stick pan, heat a drizzle of olive oil on medium-high until hot.
  3. Add the shrimp in an even layer and cook without stirring 1-2 minutes or until slightly opaque.
  4. Add the garlic, peppers, capers, white portion of scallions, and as much red pepper flakes as you’d like. Season with salt and pepper. Cook stirring occasionally 2-3 minutes or until the peppers are slightly softened and the shrimp are cooked through.
  5. Add the verjus and remaining vinegar. Stir frequently and cook 1 minute until combined.
  6. Serve the finished shrimp over the cooked pasta and garnish with the green scallions.
Recipe Notes
Nutrition Facts
Shrimp and Sweet Peppers
Amount Per Serving
Calories 536 Calories from Fat 45
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 5g 8%
Saturated Fat 1g 5%
Polyunsaturated Fat 2g
Monounsaturated Fat 0.5g
Cholesterol 290mg 97%
Sodium 1096mg 46%
Potassium 264mg 8%
Total Carbohydrates 71g 24%
Dietary Fiber 5g 20%
Sugars 8g
Protein 50g 100%
Vitamin A 30%
Vitamin C 190%
Calcium 8%
Iron 37%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.